Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Fabulous Friday

One of the perks of Jason taking a new job in Denver before Christmas, meant we got to attend two work Christmas parties.

The Farmington party is always a big time at the Elk's Lodge, and the "prom pictures" we get to take are always part of the fun.
Jason brought ours home yesterday.  

Of course Cassidy and I always have our picture made together since we spend more time with each other than our actual dates.  
(On a side note, Cassidy's wrapping up her time here in Durango too.  They're moving to Fort Worth.)

Our next party was in Denver. 
Since we were already there house hunting, it was perfect timing for us to attend.

(Reed is going through a phase where he has to be in every picture.)

Yep, pretty fashion fabulous!

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