Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Saturday night was the monster truck show/race/jam/performance/recital/showcase
(that should cover all my bases)
in Farmington.

Of course, I hardly even knew what a monster truck was until I had 3 boys.
But, I have to give it to them, even I ooh and ahh when stuff like this happens.

JR, TC, and Tobin posing with the trucks.

Reed and Knox trying to get as close as possible.

Kyle's such the Renaissance man.  He loves Hello Kitty and monster trucks.
And, of course, hugs from cute ladies. 

The Ingys take their monster trucks very seriously.

But sometimes ya just gotta do a little "off roading".

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. JR told me even Big Foot was there. Just a thought...why don't you take those ear plugs and wear them around the house?? MR