Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Party with my History, Please

I'm here in East Texas visiting my parents, and yesterday was the big 175 year birthday for Houston County.

It's supposedly the oldest county in Texas, but Nacogdoches claims to be the oldest city in Texas...and my mom says it's really San Augustine (where she's from) so I'm sure there's another county out there clamming they're older.

Part of the big 175 year festivities, was the unveiling of a restored log cabin that was built sometime in the 1850's.

The cabin is now on display at Davy Crockett Spring. 
 And if you don't believe me that the town of Crockett was given its name because Davy Crockett had a drink of water and (maybe) spent the night on his way to The Alamo...I've got proof.

I didn't actually get a full picture of the log cabin, or bother to retake this not so good one of the kids. The humidity was about a million percent, and we wimpy Coloradoans just couldn't take it.

They did a really good job of decorating with  period furniture, but Reed was more interested in the homemade biscuits.  (Too bad those weren't for sampling!)

And I'm so glad to see that 175 years later, flashing your underwear is still the sign of a good party...
Woohoo, pantaloons and a union suit!
Happy 175 Houston County!

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