Tuesday, August 14, 2012

T'was the Day before School Starts

I taught school long enough (and read enough parenting tips) to know that the day before school starts should be all about establishing routines and getting "back in the mindset of school".

You can see how well I followed that advice: Aubrey and I took our kids to Elitch Gardens.

Aubrey and I were laughing that we started going to Astroworld (Houston's old amusement/theme park) together when we were 14.
Here we are (these very few years later!) still going together, except now the two of us, plus our herd of kids, fill an entire river boat ride.

Here's what a literal Elitch Gardens boatload of kids looks like.

And here's what a basketful of too small for the really big rides of kids looks like.

And here's what super excited about to ride riders look like.

And here's what Reed's face looks like as he's telling me, "Mom! Move! You're messing up my shooting!"
Which probably won't be the last time I hear those words said to me.

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