Monday, August 5, 2013

Don't Tell Them Hiking is Really Just Walking

We spent a super relaxing weekend in Crested Butte with our neighbors/friends The Stengers (Zoe's family) at their mountain house. 
At 9,500 ft elevation, I felt like I was back in Durango, although I think Crested Butte might have Durango beat in the pretty scenery department.
The boys (minus JR, he's still vacaying on his own in TX) had a blast and would tell me their favorite part of the day each night.
And even though there were some big favorites, they proclaimed the 'big fun thing' of the weekend as (drum roll, please)
A boy and his BB gun.

 The bigger the walking stick, the better.
Most of the group
 Kyle, Anna, Reed, Emily...and look who's back there smiling...It's Zoe!
As you can see, Maggie (the other dog) hasn't been trained by Zoe in picture posing.
Kyle was thrilled to catch this butterfly.
And most surprisingly, the butterfly lived to tell about it.
Family portrait minus JR plus Zoe.

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