Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ducks Abunch

We just happened to be in Crested Butte for two super fun events.
First, we bought two rubber ducks to compete in the 24th Annual Rubber Duckie Race.
Kyle and Reed were convinced they were going to win.
Reed wanted 1st place: $3,000 which he was going to spend on a Disney World trip for Jason, JR, Kyle, and himself. (I was not invited.)
Kyle wanted to win 2nd place: which as he put it was "a week at a fancy hotel for skiing".
And even though their duck numbers were 13,568 and 13,569 they still thought they had a chance of winning. Especially, Mr. Competitive, Reed.
Patiently waiting to see the ducks race.

Trying to see if the lead ducks are theirs.
(Our group starts with Jason's orange hat and continues to Reed's orange shirt.)
The lead ducks...and just look how many are in the background still to come!
Kyle handled his duck defeat well, but Reed broke down into tears...which just made Jason and me laugh. 
But not to worry...
When Scott came in from playing golf he told Kyle and Reed that someone came up to him on the golf course, and told him that the twins that were at the duck race actually won.
(It's amazing how that happened.)
And that they had each won...a dollar!
Cheers and happiness reigned throughout the land again.
(Thanks again, Scott.)
But it wasn't just the kids being charitable, that same night we adults attended the Adaptive Sports charity dinner (which was a western theme).
Now you know how we love a silent auction around these parts...just look at Debbie modeling her "winnings" from the Betsey Johnson basket (scarf, shoes,sunglasses, watch). 

And here Jason and I are at the live auction trying to make sure we don't make any sudden movements with our hands since things like African safaris and Swiss Alps ski trips were being sold from $30-$50,000!

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