Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Johnny Footballs

Last night was Kyle and Reed's very first football game, and wouldn't you know it, they somehow were put on the team with maroon jerseys. 
 My Aggie husband is so proud. 
Their coach must not be an A&M fan either since he kept calling them the "red team", and convinced them to name their team "red lightning". 
(Works for me.)
As expected, one Ingy Boy totally followed directions and tried his hardest.

And I thought his soccer faces were intense...

The other was just happy to be there....but, as you can see, was total master of the "trash talk"!

I think this is the international trash talk sign for "I'm gonna pummel you."
(FYI: there was no actual pummeling on Kyle's part.)

So here's Reed's big play of the game (with my play-by-play commentary).
Quarterback is about to throw the ball, no "red" jerseys around except for Reed.
Reed getting in interception position.
Ball is down (and sure it's now a dead ball, but we're just going to ignore that tiny detail).
Big pile scrambling for the ball, but look whose flowing blonde locks have their hands on it!

 Kyle's big play:
He got to be center.
And finally, I just had to include this.
He must have watched Miley's VMA performance before the game.

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Anonymous said...

I can't quit laughing .I agree, he was channeling Miley. (Just a thought...maroon and red has to make ORANGE!) MR