Thursday, August 22, 2013

NBD...It's Just the First Day of School

It feels so good to send the kids off to the first day of school happy.
JR told me last night, "I'm really excited about school tomorrow!"
Photo op with backpacks
Kindergarten is soooo NBD (no big deal) for Kyle and Reed.
Lock bikes at bike rack, see friends, say hi to the former PreK teachers they adore...those two make back to school look like a piece of cake.
Photo op without backpacks. They all picked out their own first day of school attire.

Friendgirl, Alex, rode over this morning and this was the only picture I could get.  They wouldn't move closer together or wait for me to take another.  These kids had places to go and people to see! 
On their way to 3rd, 4th, and Kinder!

We hadn't even gotten on school grounds before JR had two friends run up, and I was pretty much told to get lost.
(I can't believe he hasn't figured out how cool I really am!)

Thankfully I'm friends with other moms in his class who aren't forced to disappear...and they take pictures.
I guess JR dropped friendgirl, Alex, off with the 3rd graders and immediately had the friendgirls in 4th find him.
Jason says he can relate; it's just something all Ingersoll men have to deal with.
(Insert eye roll)

Now that's a happy first day of school smile!

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Anonymous said...

Cute new first day of school outfits. Praise God all went well. MR