Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'Tis but a Flesh Wound!

What is it with us and theme park clinics?

We barely ever go to the "real doctor", and yet, everytime I'm in a theme/waterpark it seems I'm headed off to the clinic for one reason or another.
JR has a big scrape on his knee from a dramatic fall in the middle of the street.
(The fall itself wasn't the dramatic part, it was the getting up portion that included an attempt at trying to make us think his leg might never work again.)
While either getting on the Twister II or due to the ride's motion (I'm still not sure on the specifics) his scab came off. 
Sure when I saw him he had blood running down his leg, but I figured it would dry up in no time.
(Now, before you judge me as heartless...I'm a boy mom, remember?)
Plus, he certainly wasn't going to take time out of his busy thrill riding schedule for basic hygiene.
So off he went to the next ride. 
I saw him get on, then have a long talk with one of the employees.
Then another employee (in a different color shirt) and another long chat.
And then he had to get up...and walk-of-shame himself off the ride.
He was literally kicked off!
My text to Jason (who has to actually go to work during all our little 'adventures') said:
 We're at the clinic. They kicked him off a ride for being 'too bloody'.
Thankfully, the clinic was near by.
After a clean-up and a band-aid, the HazMat team wouldn't be needed to follow him from ride to ride after all.

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Angie Vik said...

That looks awful. How sad to have to stop going on rides for something as minor as blood dripping down your leg. Hope it's doing better. My son had lots of scrapes, scabs, bleeding scabs, staining the sheet scabs. He's 25 now and his legs are still beat up. Hoping he'll outgrow it one of these days.