Friday, March 7, 2014

Some Good Ol' Texans

So turns out Kyle and Reed are pretty good Texans after all.
With only 2 months of Texan practice under their belts, they cleaned up at the kindergarten rodeo.
(Each class competed against the other kids in their own class.)
Reed walked away winning 2nd place in barrel racing, (riding a stick horse around an obstacle course) 3rd place in calf roping,  (riding a tricycle and throwing rings on a cone) and 3rd place in the chuck wagon race (pulling a wagon around cones).

Kyle won 1st place in barrel racing, 1st place in the horse shoe toss (an actual horseshoe toss), 2nd place in steer wrestling, (throw a hula-hoop around a cow made out of a box), and 3rd place in the chuck wagon races.

The only event that didn't have an Ingy boys winner was cow chip tossing. 
(Don't worry, they were beanbags, not real cow chips).
And for those of you who know them and are wondering...Reed is handling Kyle's two 1st place wins better than expected.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE those little cowboys! MR