Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So Xylophones are Making a Comeback

 If having JR's first performance of Seussical wasn't enough for a Thursday night, it was also the night of the kids' school Spring Concert. 

Obviously JR told them he wouldn't be in the show, but Kyle and Reed were super excited about playing the xylophones.
Can you see Kyle and Reed back there? 
Reed is 2nd from the left in a blue shirt and Kyle is standing next to him on the front row.
The little boy next to Reed (with his arms crossed) got quite the earful from him during practice. According to Reed, the little boy was being silly.
Reed told me he said to him, "Do you plan on acting like this for the real show?"
 So much fun to hear your own words come out of your child's mouth.
I couldn't see Reed from where I was sitting, but I had a great shot of Kyle.
(front and center, yellow shirt).
I'll spare you the video footage. You can thank me later.

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