Friday, May 23, 2014

The Best Day of School is The Last Day of School

I'm not usually a fan of the last day of school (since it puts me on "full time"), but with all the homework these kids have (I find kindergarten homework ridiculous!) I'm just as excited as they are about the last day of school.
I don't have them together for a picture since JR's last day was yesterday and Kyle and Reed's was today.
First day on the far left (I miss our Broomfield house!) and then last day pics.

As for end of the year honors:
Reed received the "good sport" award, and Kyle received the "cheerful heart" award.
JR said he and one other boy were the only ones to not get any awards in the 4th grade.
Woo-hoo for no spelling tests, history tests, flash card tests, bible verse tests, science tests, vocabulary tests, (I'm not mentioning all the home reading since I don't really mind doing that with them) but I'm especially happy there will be no projects!
Here's to my new 5th and 1st graders.

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