Wednesday, June 4, 2014


JR celebrated his birthday while we were in Denver.
He turned 11.
He was super happy he got to celebrate in Denver with his friends he loves so much.
He started out the day going to the 4th grade picnic.
Then he had lunch with his director from his old theater, Miss Anna.
(We got to tell her how much we love and miss her!)
After school, it was time for his "party".
He took his friends to eat pizza and ice cream.
There was a table of big kids.
And a table of little kids
(Kyle and Reed's friend, Liam, and Sophie's sister, Jacqui).
The whole bunch with their ice cream.

Then JR spent the night at Sophie's house where he requested "warm cookies and ice cream" in lieu of cake.
I'm not sure how much longer spending the night at a girl's house is going to be okay.
But it's still okay at 11! 

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