Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I always have to remind Jason that I don't really know my way around here all that great.
Yes, I grew up in "Houston", but I was in a suburb about 45 minutes from where we are now, and I never came to this part of town.
The last time we lived here I was pregnant with twins (or had new born twins), so I didn't get out a whole lot.
The other evening the weather was nice (for Houston) and since we were out, I asked Kyle and Reed if they wanted to go to the park. I said, "I think I've been to one around here before."
Everything seemed familiar, and thanks to the magic of my blog, I was able to find where we had indeed been there before.  Only JR looked like this.

And Kyle and Reed looked like this
(Reed is green, Kyle is blue.)

This time around I don't even have a picture of JR since he was off at the movies, and here's what Kyle and Reed looked like.  (We tried to recreate the JR picture with Kyle.)

They've all grown just a smidge.

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Anonymous said...

You're right..just a smidge. So cute...MR