Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1 Week 2 Autographs

Every Christmas JR asks for books (and he wants them hardback).
Then I always tease Jason and say the same thing every year, "How many book have you ever asked for for Christmas in your life?"  And then we laugh.
(If you're wondering, the answer is 0.)
I'm convinced Jason hasn't read a book since elementary school.  He disagrees using the argument that he would have had to read a book to graduate from high school and college...but conveniently, he can't actually remember the names of any books he's read.  And, I, having been married to him for awhile now, know how he operates and I'm pretty sure he just talked somebody (friend or maybe teachers) in to just giving him the answers he needed for the test.
On the other extreme, we have JR.  He was so excited for the author visit they had at school on Wednesday, that he got overly excited thinking it was Tuesday and then was disappointed he had to wait another day.
Nathan Hale's book One Dead Spy is one of the Bluebonnet Award nominees this year, and he came to visit their school.  JR loved it and finished the book in a day or two. 
He's super excited with his autographed copy.

On top of that, Granny Buffie had been hosting Charlie Kirk all week.  You might not know who that is, but now that I've mentioned him you'll probably see him on TV.  According to his bio he has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and Fox Business News over 75 times, including frequent appearances on "Your World with Neil Cavuto", "Varney & Co." and "The Willis Report." He is also a columnist for the Washington Times.
JR got to hear him speak on Saturday at a Generation Now event, and then he went to a big, fancy dinner with Charlie and Granny Buffie Saturday night. (Yes, just the 3 of them.)  I'm thinking JR has a new hero.  Charlie gave JR one of his books, and here's its autographed page.

As JR would say, "It's kinda a big deal."

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