Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Little Football

How cute are their football pictures?
It's actually one picture of them together, but with the magic of editing I'll have one of them together and these individuals.

Their game last night didn't turn out quite like anybody had planned. About 4 or 5 plays into the game a boy on the other team got tackled. (Totally normal tackle.)
When the pile of kids got off of him his leg was facing the wrong way.
Jason saw the whole thing as it happened and said it was awful. JR saw the aftermath and kept saying it made him want to throw up. (I believe we can cross doctor/nurse off his career paths.)
(Granny Sherry and I were too far away to see anything.)
At first they thought he broke his leg, then said he dislocated his thigh, turns out he has a compound fracture in his thigh and will need surgery.
It was bad enough the ambulance from Texas Children's came.
Of course the game was called.  I can't help thinking about his poor mom and glad my little babies weren't out there.  Sometimes it's good to be a bench warmer!

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