Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Maybe it's a Combination of Both of Them

One of Reed's papers he brought home this week really made me laugh.
 I'll show it to you, and then we can discuss.

At first, I didn't understand if it was a story he had read or what, but then he told me it's a "squiggle story". The teacher gives them a squiggle (it's the top of the crow's head) and then they draw something from that squiggle and write about it.
Now, to the best of my knowledge, Paw-Paw doesn't mind having crows (he doesn't like grackles or chicken hawks, so maybe Reed used "crow" cause it's just easier to spell).  Paw-Paw also doesn't shoot anything, but he does have Freddie and JR shoot at the chicken hawks and grackles.
Grandpa Gary may have an issue with crows, but I haven't ever heard him complain about them.  He did have a crane he was having problems with (it was spearing and eating his koi fish out of his pond). Grandpa does like to bird hunt, but I don't believe crows rank high on that list.
And did you notice, that big black thing on the right hand side is a bullet. Poor crow doesn't stand a chance!
(It is a cute crow though. I mean, sure, it does look more like a fluffy chicken, but still..pretty cute.)

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture...cute story. MR