Friday, October 24, 2014

My Pumpkin

A note came home from school about a pumpkin decorating contest the library was having.
You couldn't carve the pumpkin and it needed to be a storybook character.
It was also billed as a "family project". (With one entry per family.)
We all know what "family project" means.
And with that said, how do you like my pumpkin I turned in?
It's Scaredy Squirrel.
If you're not familiar with Scaredy Squirrel he has a series of books.
He looks like this.

Since they were very insistent they didn't want any carved pumpkins, I figured they didn't care if it was real or not.  I bought a plastic trick or treat pumpkin, took off the handle, and turned it upside down.
The body I free handed onto cardboard and painted. I covered the tail over with some felt.
The eyes are magnets and the ears are cardboard covered in that squishy craft foam stuff.
I'm crossing my fingers I'm a winner!  

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