Friday, October 31, 2014

Not Halloweeny At All

Our district won't let the kids wear their Halloween costumes to school.
(Which is absolutely ridiculous. It's Friday and Halloween, yes, I'm sure it would be the costume that would keep them from learning anything.)
Instead, they had red ribbon week (stay off drugs) and they were supposed to wear different clothes for that everyday.  (Except nothing was a "costume" and clearly a girl mom thought up the days because 4 of the days were "girly".)
Here are their "dress-up" days this week.  JR isn't in some of the pictures because he's 11, and some days 11 year olds won't have their pictures made...I'm guessing simply because they are 11.
Crazy sock day (super girly)

Tie-dye day (very girly)
Neon colors day (girly)
Jersey day (They finally threw the boys a bone.) 
Kyle and Reed's whole football team wore their team jerseys.  They're the only 1st graders on the team, everybody else is in 2nd or 3rd. So yeah, they pretty much thought they were the coolest kids who have ever walked the face of the earth.
And today, Halloween, was camo day (which I know you think is boyish, but skinny camo jeans are all the rage with the moms at no, it's a girl theme too).

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