Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sour Pumpkin Grapes

So guess what my pumpkin won?
Nothing. Nada. Squat.
If there were only 1 or 2 winners I wouldn't be so miffed, but there were tons of winners, and I walked away with zilch.
The sour grapes portion will begin now so you can see just how badly I was robbed.
Olaf is a character from a movie, not a book.
As is the minion from Despicable Me. Movie, not book.
I don't have anything to say bad about Amelia Bedelia, she's fine.
(Not as awesome as Scaredy Squirrel, but fine.)

These two beat me in "most like the character" and "best animal".

And just as a refresher, here's how much mine looked like the character.
This took 3 seconds to make.
This took a bit longer, maybe a minute.
(Also, it's a movie.)
So this next group are ones I think are good.
These moms worked as hard as I did.
Clearly this boy mom has some artistic talent.

This mom can sew!

This next group was big on "props". 

Speaking of props, I guess if you set your pumpkin on a skateboard you win, cause this is the grand prize winner.
So next year I'll know to just go in my own prop closet, dress up my pumpkin, and throw some roller skates on it.
Wigs, hats, and wheels seem to be the way to go.

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