Friday, October 17, 2014

The Exact Opposite

Seems I've been posting a lot about football lately, so I thought I'd give you pretty much the exact opposite of football.
JR's opera practice.
He told me yesterday that he loves going to opera practice.  I'm glad because it certainly wouldn't be my idea of "fun".
Their teacher/instructor/coach (I'm not sure what the opera name for him is) is very serious (as he should be, it's a professional show).  He treats them like adults at a job, and doesn't sugar-coat anything.
Here's a little peek into rehearsal, and if you can't understand what they're singing, you're not supposed's German.
(JR's wearing a striped shirt, and the guy standing up is the actual conductor of the opera. He had come in to check up on their progress.)

And here's the link if the video below doesn't work.

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