Monday, January 5, 2015

Better Than Getting Nothing

I feel so sorry for anybody who has a birthday that falls from Thanksgiving until the end of January.
That time frame includes 3/5 of our family: Jason at Thanksgiving and Kyle and Reed on January 7th.
(JR and I hit the "6 months away from Christmas" birthday jackpot.)
We were trying to move to Houston during Kyle and Reed's birthday last year, so, not only was Jason not able to go to their party, we didn't even get them anything.
It wasn't like we purposely didn't get them anything, we told them we'd get them an archery set once we moved...and then we never did.
Buying them "stuff" is out of the question since Christmas was just two weeks ago, so this year we took them to Monster Jam.
 Because how can you go wrong with monster trucks and almost 7 year olds? You can't.
We even had pit passes so the kids could go "on the field" before the show.

Reed writing his name on one of the cars to be smashed.

 The wheels are kinda big on these things.

Not monster trucks

JR was super excited about seeing a Taco Bell hot sauce walking around.
This is Grave Digger.  It won the race.

This is Monster Mutt. It won the free-style.

 View from our seats.

By the end of the show almost all the trucks were upside down and wrecked. 
But I think that's the point.

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