Monday, January 12, 2015

Fun for Boys

Jason, JR, and Reed went to Jason's deer lease in Ozona, TX this weekend. They hadn't been to the deer lease all season because we always had something going on (and when I say "we" I pretty much mean "JR" since he's the busy one).
This was the last weekend, and was only open to youth. 
 The plan was to take JR and Kyle (Jason said he couldn't handle all 3) because Kyle seems to be more interested in hunting than Reed. 
But Kyle said if he couldn't shoot (he's not old enough to shoot yet) he didn't want to go.  So it was JR and Reed off to Ozona...and no, I have no idea where Ozona is. I think it is south and west and about a million miles from Houston.
Here they are sitting in the deer blind.
From my understanding this is considered "fun".
As you can see, it was a successful hunt. When JR called me he said, "I shot my first American animal!" 

And if you need more proof that they had a good time, here's Reed coming home yesterday.

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