Sunday, February 8, 2015

5 Shows. 2 Weeks.

I'm about to say something I never thought I'd say:
I think I've had my fill of jazz hands for awhile.
Now, before you think I've become a different person overnight, let me explain.
JR and I have seen 5 musicals in the last 2 weeks.  That's right 5.
This is the time of year all the high schools are doing their shows, and JR and I may have gone a little overboard trying to see so many.
And though JR and I saw the most, Granny Sherry saw 4, and Kyle and Reed saw 2. 
(Not surprisingly, Jason's number stands at 0.)
Here's what we saw:
Show #1: Memorial High School: Drowsy Chaperone
This is JR eating in the VIP room.  It sounds fancy until I tell you it only cost 5 bucks to be a VIP. 

JR says this was the show (meaning the actual script) that he liked the in, he wants to be in Drowsy Chaperone.
Show #2: Stratford High School: Bye, Bye Birdie.
If you aren't familiar with this one it's basically like Elvis (Conrad Birdie) is being sent off to the army.  This was Granny Sherry's favorite.
Show #3: Spring Woods High School: The Addams Family
My kids had no idea who the Addams Family were, and they're kind of hard to explain.  I finally said, "They're like a goth family."  The boy who played Gomez was excellent, and oh to be 17 again and have the body to wear Morticia's slinky dress!
Spring Woods is where Jason went to high school, so we sent him this picture and asked if it looked familiar.
Show #4: Houston Christian High School: Pippin.
This one was fantastic.  JR and I both loved every second. I almost cried it was so good...and I don't even know any of the kids!
Show #5: Seven Lakes High School: The Music Man.
This one was out by where we lived when JR was born in Katy.  We wouldn't have driven out there, but since JR is doing The Music Man in May, we wanted to see it. 
I didn't get tickets early enough, so we couldn't sit together.  Kyle sat with Granny Sherry and she said she was worried he was going to sing all the songs during the show since before it started Kyle was singing with the orchestra's instrumental versions!
JR and I are planning to see Cinderella and A Chorus Line later in the month. But I definitely need a weekend off.

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