Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seven Kids for a Seventh Party

Jason actually heard on the radio that most people with kids who have a late December/early January birthday wait until the end of January to have their birthday party.
Which is what we did. I scheduled it for January 31st.
That same radio station also had moms calling in to complain that nobody was coming to their parties because apparently everybody goes out of town for the Superbowl.
This was the first year we've even been invited to somebody's house to watch the game, much less go out of town.
Where are people going?
Unless you're going to the Superbowl (which I know nobody that was there) why would you leave town?
But I guess that's a "thing" because of the 25 kids Kyle and Reed invited to their party, they had 7 friends come.
Luckily, they could have cared less that they had a low turn-out, they loved their party.
(It was at Mad Science; they do a 45 minute fun science show.)

 Their party guests (plus JR brought a friend).

Making slime to take home.

I finally figured out how to do their birthday cake.
I ordered one cake, and didn't give them a choice of what it was.
(They would have argued just to argue.)
I showed up with their cake, and said "Come look at your birthday cake!"
I got a "Thank you, Mommy, I love it" from both of them.  No complaints, no fighting.

So I guess that's another mom lesson learned.
No birthday parties over Superbowl weekend.

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