Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Food Paradise

I think I gained 5 pounds just watching my kids eat on Sunday.
Giant turkey legs almost as big as their faces.

Fried Snickers. Kyle swore up and down this was the best.

Fried Twinkie

and fried Oreos
Jason and JR said the fried Oreos were definitely the best. Pete Wentz (the bassist from Fall Out Boy that used to be married to Ashley Simpson) announced that it was indeed "their first rodeo" and which fried food should they try.  The audience also proclaimed the fried Oreos to be the "it" fried dessert.
And if all those fried goodies weren't enough, these two had root beer floats
(and yes, Kyle is also holding a cookie).
And this one had a brownie sundae (in a cowboy hat).
I'm thinking the kids might need a few days of detoxing!

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Yum...yum....yum!!! MR