Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Smelled Like BBQ for 2 Days

So you'll probably get tired of seeing my rodeo posts, but seriously, I'm not sure anything else actually happens in the month of March here in Houston.
This weekend was the "World's Championship BBQ Cookoff".  Anybody can go, but unless you have passes in to a booth (and some of these booths are huge) I can't imagine it would be fun.  Walking around smelling BBQ but not getting to eat any of it doesn't sound like a good time to me.
There were 240 teams, and since Jason had passes in to 2 booths, we got to try the meat from those teams. (They weren't among the winners.)
Once you get in, it's all you can eat and drink. Plus, these booths both had a fun band. And the Half Fast Cookers even had a photo booth.
(We also went to the Brisket Cases).

As you can see we have quite a few layers on (especially for Houston).  I have on a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, a jean jacket, gloves, and a coat.   We were planning on going back on Saturday, but we'd had enough of the cold (and crowds and drunk people) to tide us over until next year.

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