Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mud Pit

The kids' school had their fun run for the PTA yesterday.
It's been raining and cold all week (I'm so glad this isn't our spring break).
Guess what happens when it's been raining nonstop since Sunday?
There's water standing everywhere...which turns into a big muddy mess.
Luckily, just a change of shoes and socks was all JR needed (I didn't actually see him since he doesn't want anybody to know he has parents) but check out the other two.
When I say they were covered in mud, I mean it. Look at Reed's mud splattered face!

This is Kyle. You can also see by his t-shirt how many laps he ran.
I stayed at school after the run and tried to help clean up children...because all this went down at 9:45 in the morning!  
(I can't imagine trying to teach such dirty, stinky kids the rest of the day.)
I'm glad I'm used to boys because that was certainly a big mess.

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