Sunday, March 1, 2015

Square Dancin'

With Friday being Go Texan Day, it was the perfect time for Kyle and Reed to show off their square dancing they've been learning in P.E.
It was big 1st grade drama who their partners were going to be. They've been practicing with them for over a month, so it was important to get a good one.
Reed was thrilled his partner was Thalie.  They may be tiny, but they're big buddies.

Kyle's partner was Audrey.  I volunteer in Kyle's class a lot, and I love little Audrey.  I'm not sure these two could be any cuter.  (Look at them holding hands!)

They did 4 or 5 dances, and here's a little snippet of one.

Reed is first (look for his blue checked shirt) and then Kyle (look for that coonskin cap).

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