Monday, April 13, 2015

Wild Turkey

So The Music Man, along with his dad and Brad and Koen went hunting this weekend at Brad and Cassidy's deer lease.
I'm not sure what all happens on hunting trips because I never get many details.
I can't tell if there's a lot of sitting around doing nothing, or some kind of guy code where they don't talk about what they do there.
Either way, the only information I have to report is that JR, Jason, and Brad all got turkeys.
(Yes, the meat is in my fridge, so I guess we're eating turkey sometime this week).
I took these pictures off Jason's phone to prove they were there.
They're pretty self explanatory.


And some cute (oops, I mean "manly") group shots.
Jason and JR

Jason and Brad

JR and Koen
Thank you to Brad and Koen for showing them such a good time. They might not give me many details, but they both told me how much fun they had.

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