Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Last Push

The teachers are in the home stretch of school, and it's easy to tell with all the projects.
(Thankfully the projects have been done at school so I don't mind at all.)
The other day JR started telling me about how they had to do a STEM job project.
 Unfortunately they had to pick their jobs out of a hat and he had gotten....mathematician.
JR getting mathematician isn't as ridiculous as someone like me getting it, but still, not the most exciting career for him to research.
The teacher told them they could switch jobs with someone if both people wanted to switch, but JR was sure he'd be stuck with mathematician. "I mean, who'd want that?"  (I had to agree.)
The next day JR got in the car and said, "Mom! You'll never believe it!  One of the boys in our class came up to me and said, 'JR, I know you like to hunt, so I thought you might like my job.  I got game warden, and I really would like mathematician.  Would you like to switch?' "
Obviously, asking JR if he wanted to switch mathematician for game warden was like asking him if he'd like to trade his broccoli for a bowl of ice cream.
He was very proud of his game warden brochure (which does look kinda professional) and he even made an A on it.
(The grade was obviously an end of the year grade too.)

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