Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not Winners

Last year Reed was a winner in the state of Texas beach contest. 
He won lots of great prizes, and I learned that there's lots of contests out there where you can win really good stuff (think tablets and trips).
He entered a few of them this year, but we (as in the family benefiting from his prizes) came up empty handed.  Some I wasn't surprised, but a couple I really thought he had a good chance.
So let's take a look at our non winners:
He started the year with the PTA reflections contest.  The theme was "The World Would be a Better Place if...." 
 Reed's answer?  If there were more pets to love. 
I knew that wasn't a "winning" response (maybe if he'd said "everybody had a rescue animal"), but it was definitely a first grade answer, and I didn't try to make him change it (look at me being a good parent).
He won a blue ribbon at school, but didn't go anywhere in the district contest.
Reed with his picture.

And the close-up
He entered the beach contest again too. 
I knew he wouldn't win 2 years in a row (plus this really isn't a winning picture).

These next two I really thought he had a chance.

This was for the Don't Mess With Texas (don't litter) campaign. 
How cute is that raccoon?  (And there's lots of coons in Texas...totally perfect!)
I thought this was great too.  It was a conservation art contest.
I love the rubber duck.
I guess these are cuter to his mama than art judges.

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Anonymous said...

Were those judges BLIND??? the grandmama