Saturday, June 27, 2015


Our ultracompetitive family cleaned up in the on board contests.
All 3 of the kids were winners at bingo!

JR won teen bingo and won a Royal Caribbean water bottle. 
(No picture of that so here he is with the boat).

And out of the 4 games at family bingo, Reed and Kyle won two of them.
(Ok, to be honest, Grandpa Gary actually won, but he slipped his card to Kyle.)
Reed won a stuffed animal octopus he named Baked Alaska (his new favorite dessert)

and Kyle won a Royal Caribbean messenger bag.

Reed also won the kids division of poolside bean bag toss. 

And the 4 of us took 1st place in the Family Quest (like a scavenger hunt) and won gold medals. 
(JR was off at the teen club, but his team took 1st in the teen version.)

There were other non boat sponsored contests too.
These two might have been brought to tears in a family game of Apples to Apples.

And these two came from behind to beat Reed and me at shuffleboard. 
(Reed was not pleased with that outcome.)

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