Monday, July 20, 2015


We were in Clear Lake with Granny Buffie's family this weekend.
There were stunts, and party boats, and pool wrestling...which if you were going to go to the emergency room, you'd think might involve some of those things.


 No, it was the innocent act of just hanging out on a houseboat and leaning up against something jutting out of the wall.

Kyle didn't cry that he got hurt, the tears were because we made him leave (and miss out on fun) to go to the ER.

3 staples later and he's good as new.

So with 3 boys we've now had every form of putting open wounds back together:
JR was glued, Reed was stitched, and Kyle is stapled.

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Anonymous said...

Poor thing. That was a great place to be this HOT weather. MR