Thursday, August 27, 2015

Denver Comes to Houston

Jason and I went to the Texans/Broncos game on Saturday, and as you can see, Jason, who isn't much of a football fan, took a sudden interest in all "things" Texans.
We also got to go on the sidelines for warm-up.  JR begged me to wear his Payton Manning jersey, but since I think JJ Watt is much cuter, I wore my JJ Watt shirt and compromised with a Broncos hat.
They won't let you stand on the home side of the field if you have on the other team's paraphernalia (which I totally understand) so Jason and I went over to the Broncos side. 
 That turned out even better since I don't think JJ even came out to practice (obviously he isn't playing in the preseason) and we were about 10 yards away from Payton Manning.
I texted this picture to JR and he said, "Call his name, and if he comes over tell him about me."
Oh yes, I'm sure Payton Manning has never heard of a 12 year boy being a big fan of his!

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