Monday, August 3, 2015

Under One Roof

Can you guess what this is?
That's the pile of dirt and debris I swept up after finishing 8 loads of camp laundry.
8 loads is a new record for me (usually after a vacation is 6).
 And this is what it looks like before the washing of the 8 loads begins.
As soon as we pulled up at camp we began hearing all about The Ingersoll boys, and specifically how much everyone loved Kyle and Reed's skating routine for the Talent Show.
Apparently it was the "best ever". 
(I'll get them to do it this week and video it.)
JR was even named Cabin Camper of the Week.  The counselors pick one kid a week, and JR got it the last week. Only 3 kids get it (out of 11 in the cabin) the entire time, so that was a nice honor for him.
As soon as we saw JR and Steven they told us how much they loved 3 weeks of camp, and they didn't get homesick at all.
Kyle and Reed started telling us that one week was way too short.
Reed won best entertainer in his cabin, and Kyle won best nicknamer...Mainly due to giving one of their counselors the nickname "Eight Foot Nate."
It's great having everybody home, and JR goes "back to work" today as he starts 3 weeks of rehearsals for Into The Woods.

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