Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boys in Bunches

So if you're wondering about the boys' sleepover, and what having 6 boys at your house is like...
Really, it isn't much different (or louder) than having our usual 3.
We just put them outside and let them loose.
They swam
And we made them eat outside.

At one point I looked up and every single one of them was trying to make fart noises with their armpits at the "dinner table".  I had to explain to Jason that armpit farts aren't little girls number one choice of dinner time activities.
Then they got the teenage boys across the street to play street football with them (which was pretty much a dream come true for this 7 year old crowd) and when the big guys went in they continued with their own street football game until 9:30.  Reed has road rash on both his elbow and stomach which he's quite proud of.
They slept in front of the TV upstairs and I went to bed around 11 and never heard a peep until 7:30 the next morning.   I'd say it was successful all around!

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