Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Choir Kid

JR has been busy with his school choir lately.  This weekend he competed in the UIL solo and ensemble competition. Usually 6th graders don't compete, but his teacher let a few of them do it and JR got a "1".  (You get a 1, 2 , or 3 and 1 is the best.)
He looked cute dressed up for it, but I forgot to take a picture because there was so much complaining about how his dress shoes hurt his feet...and I was trying to keep him from hobbling into the competition like he couldn't walk.  Oh, the dramatics of everything.
Then he had his school choir concert.  It was very nice and I was as impressed as you can be with middle school singing. He sang 2 songs with the beginning choir and then all the choirs sang a song together at the end. Here he is eating an after concert cupcake.
Before the concert he was telling me all about a song they were going to sing, and giving me the background on it and on and on...turned out the song was Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.  I had to explain to him that it was one of Paw-Paw's favorite songs...and then felt some good Baptist guilt that my child had never heard of it...until he sang it at public school.
Speaking of Swing Low, here they are singing the chorus.

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