Monday, October 12, 2015

I Tricked Them

Kyle and Reed act like they can't get up for school in the mornings, yet on the weekends they're up before they would even need to get up for school.
JR and I didn't tell them that today was a holiday.  They went to bed last night thinking it was a school night.
Kyle slept until 7:50 and Reed until 8:40...and since they thought it was a school morning they didn't start screaming over video games, they were just watching their movies....and JR and I got to sleep in.  Score one for us!
And this is how you celebrate a holiday in October in Texas...
They were so sweaty after playing front yard kickball with our neighbors they all jumped in the pool.

If this weather stays the same I guess I'll be wearing a bikini as a Halloween costume.

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