Sunday, October 4, 2015

News Worthy

I got a call from the school district on Friday that all the schools had been on "modified lockdown" for about an hour, but that the lockdown was lifted.  I didn't really worry about it too much (since it was already over by the time I found out about it) and didn't give it much more thought.
I had to pick JR up from school on Friday (he normally rides the bus) because he had a voice lesson that afternoon.  As I got near the school he sent me this text.

Right after that I got a frantic phone call to hurry up and say he could be on TV.
That's right, JR walked right out of the school and straight up to the TV crews and asked if they wanted to interview him.
Channel 13 (ABC) told him they didn't need him, but Channel 11 (CBS) and Channel 2 (NBC) took him up on his offer.
He was live on Channel 11 at 4:00 with Shern-Min Chow (she's a very well known reporter here in

And he was on at 5:00 and 6:00 (and I've heard rumors there was a snippet of him at 10:00) on Channel 2.
This is the link to the Channel 11 video.  Since it was live I don't have it from the TV.  I was able to call Paw-Paw in time for him to see it, and Granny Sherry got my text and was able to catch it too.
This is the Channel 2 video.
If you go to the website, they have the 4:00 story online (which he's not in).  But this was the one at 5:00 videoed from my TV.

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