Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There Was Chicken

JR was selected from his school to attend (what I'm going to call because I'm not sure what the name really was) a journalism Q&A with the superintendent. 
There were 8 kids from his school that got to go, and he was one of 2 sixth graders. 
(He got picked because of his "status" on the broadcast team.)
 He said that the high schools were there, and maybe just one other middle school. I was trying to explain to him that it was a really big deal that he got picked because most kids in a school district our size (35,000+ kids), would never get to go to a meeting with the superintendent.
That information seemed to be of such little importance to him when:
 A. He got to miss P.E. to attend
B. There was free Chick-fil-a
This was the picture he sent me. 
Not, "look at me, I got picked to do this really cool thing", but "Look at me, I've got Chick-fil-a."

And yes, I'm very upset his friend is wearing a suit and JR isn't. 
 I thought I was making him "dress-up" by not letting him wear a sports T-shirt. 
 You'd think I'd know better since I've been back in Texas almost 2 years! 
(It's hard to get over 6 years of Colorado casual.)

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