Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hat Queen

These last 2 weeks, I have been quite the queen of hat making.
First, Caroline came to see me, and while she was here we made her a hat to wear to a Day of the Dead party she was invited to.
Caroline is pretty much the easiest "client" ever.  She just let me do whatever I wanted.
Look how awesome it turned out.  I can't take any credit for her awesome make-up or cute outfit, but I can for the hat!
(Yes, I know, the veil is everything.)
Then this week I went up to school and helped Reed's class make alligator hats for their spirit wear for field day tomorrow. 
They are the Miss Giese Gators, and we made these hats with green paper plates. 
We'll staple the headbands on tomorrow, so they just held them on for the picture. 
You can see Reed in the front smiling big for the camera. 
 (Crafts and mom at school...he's still at the age where that's exciting stuff.)

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