Monday, November 9, 2015

I Think I'm Good Luck

We'll continue on with the football theme because I'm thinking I might be good luck for two teams that haven't been doing so great.
We went to the Texans game last Sunday...and they won!
And then Shelley and I went to the UT game and they won too!
We had this picture made in the alumni center, which I'd never even been in before. 
What can I say?  I married an Aggie. 
 I even had to go in as Shelley's guest because I've never paid to be a Texas Ex.
We also swung by our sorority house (we didn't go in)
and I snapped a picture of where Caroline and I lived our freshman year to send to her (we weren't roommates, but we might as well have been).

We walked through campus to get to the game, and it hasn't really changed much in these very few years since we graduated.
Shelley had scored us club level seats, so of course, we ate all the free food like we'd never had a meal before and then really enjoyed our cushiony seats!

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