Thursday, November 26, 2015


We are thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving.
Kyle brought this placemat home from school, and though he sadly inherited the "can hardly spell his name" genes from Jason and me, it's really nice. 
He spelled "God" right, Then it says "Friends" - Caden and Jake and then "Family".
The next row is "Mittens" (that's Paw-Paw's cat), "Food" and then his teacher "Miss Coan".
By the way, did you notice that not one person has a strand of hair?
Reed didn't bring home a placemat, but he did bring home this from his teacher.
And I know what she wrote sounds cliché, but it's not, this is exactly how I would describe him too!
If you can't see it it says "you are always so sweet and such a hard worker".
And though 6th graders don't bring home thankful projects, I am super thankful that JR is on the broadcast team and enjoying middle school. 
Everywhere we go somebody is hollering out "Hi JR!" and that's more than I could even ask for!

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