Monday, November 23, 2015

The Rest of The Weekend

Saturday the kids had their Camp Olympia reunion party. 
They were super excited to see some of their counselors from this summer, and it was at Dave and Busters and what kid doesn't love that?
They are all signed up for camp, JR will go for 3 weeks and Kyle and Reed for 2.

 Saturday night all the girls I went to Vegas with came over for a girls' night.  Cassidy is in town for Thanksgiving so it was a good excuse for us all to get together.
And as Kyle and Reed put it...for us all "to talk really loud".
 Sunday after church we had Granny Sherry's birthday brunch.  Her birthday was back in October but we had to cancel the original brunch because it was the morning after we had a flood, and I was down with the stomach virus. 
This time there were no floods or sickness!

 Jason and I left brunch and headed over to The Texans game.
(We changed clothes in the car.)
I'm now convinced I must be their good luck charm since they won again!
I got to go down on the sidelines during the game, but I didn't stay long.
I'm so short I couldn't see anything but the cheerleaders.
(It was military appreciation day.)
And now we start Jason's birthday and Thanksgiving week.
Bring it on!

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