Monday, December 28, 2015


We just got home from Breckenridge where we celebrated Christmas.
We left cookies and a diet Pepsi for Santa. 
(I don't think we've ever left milk for Santa...he always seems to get a Coke.)

Santa left iTunes gift cards and JR got a book and Kyle and Reed each got a card game.
We ran in to Santa on the mountain later and told him we'd gotten our presents.
(Who knew Santa was so good looking these days?!)

We flew home today, and when we walked in we saw that Santa had been here.
The boys ran upstairs and put on their pajamas "so it was like opening presents on Christmas morning."

Favorite presents included:
Kyle's Dude Perfect attire and Jurassic World.
Reed was excited about his FitBit.
(You can see he really needs to work out and loose some weight.)
And here's JR sporting his new Broncos necklace, Von Miller jersey, and his Deflatriots T-shirt.

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