Tuesday, December 1, 2015

He's Here!

Kyle has been telling me for over a week that he "can't wait until December 1st".  When I asked why he was so excited he told me "because Sam the Elf comes!!!!"
(He's come a long way from wrestling him "because he was looking at me.")
A couple of kids' elves have been around a few weeks now. (Bless their mothers' hearts.)
Kyle and Reed decided those kids' elves must be bad and getting in Santa's way...so he sent them early.
There's also been a lot of talk in the 2nd grade that Santa and the elves aren't real.
JR has been super helpful in that department.  He's reminded Kyle and Reed over and over that if you don't believe in Santa "you get underwear for Christmas".
  He also quotes the Elf movie line to them..."That's... That's ridiculous. I mean, parents couldn't do that all in one night. What about Santa's cookies? I suppose parents eat them too?"
Then JR tells them, "Plus, Mommy is entirely too busy to be moving an elf around!"
Kyle even chimed in, "Yeah, and she's too short to put him in lots of the places he hides."
Much to their excitement, Sam was here when they got home from school. 
Do you see him? Right by Santa's foot (in a non high place).

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