Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our New Baby!

After grieving over Hunter since September, we finally felt we were ready for a new dog.
All of the kids asked for a dog for Christmas, so we knew it was time.
I wasn't prepared for how hard the getting a new dog process was! When we got Hunter I remember looking in the Greensheet for bichons, and going over to a lady's house to pick him out from the litter the same day I found the ad.
We thought we wanted a mini golden doodle because we had such a great experience keeping Zoe (who was a golden doodle but standard size) in Denver.  I quickly learned that the wait time for a mini golden doodle was about 6 months...if they would even let you on the list.
After many exhaustive searches of all different types of breeds, I was finally just looking for a small, nonshedding, female, that wasn't a full bichon (because Jason said it would be too hard to have a dog that looked just like Hunter).
Finally, New Year's day night I found an ad (in the Greensheet again) for shichon puppies (A shih tzu and a bichon).  The pictures even showed that they weren't all white, so they wouldn't be exactly like Hunter, but being part bichon we knew they would be sweet dogs.
We finally got a hold of the lady the next day, and she had 1 little girl left. 
And here she is (on the car ride home)!

We named her Chloe...after a family debate that included secret voting.

2 1/2 pound puppies like to sleep.

First awake portrait at 6 weeks old!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, I'm sure the boys are ecstatic!!

Anonymous said...

How does Daisy like her? A little competition maybe????