Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Polar Bear Plunge

At the school auction there were two 2nd grade parties you could buy.
I asked the boys if they wanted me to buy them the Nerf gun party or the polar bear plunge.
They wanted the polar bear party.
I'm not sure if it was because the Nerf party was boys only and this one was co-ed, or they thought jumping in freezing water sounded fun...or a little of both.
So while we were off watching the Texans "play", Kyle and Reed were having way more fun.
They even got a "I took the plunge" T-shirt, but best of all, there were s'mores.
Kyle's the one trying to do bunny ears on his friends, Reed's the 2nd on the left laughing.
(And look, the one next to Reed just pushed a kid in!)
Reed looking at the camera, now Kyle's laughing.
(And the kid that got pushed in is back in the picture.)
That's Reed in the middle of the hot tub. 
(These boys need to up their game...not a girl around!)

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Anonymous said...

Come to Rochester and have a "real" Polar Plunge!!! There's one here in February during Rochesterfest, but remember it may be below zero! Now that's a true POLAR plunge!! Can't believe how many people do it, adults and kids, but it raises money for charity as they jump in the lake!!