Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Good, Bummer, and Very Good Night

Reed's basketball team won their game last night, so now they will play for the championship on Saturday.  Reed had 2 steals and some rebounds last night, and if you're wondering why he doesn't shoot the ball much, here he is with his teammate, Justin.  (Who's in 3rd grade.)

So that was the good of the night.
Right after Reed's team played, Kyle had his semifinal game.  And it was a bummer because they lost. Kyle didn't get fouled out this game (he did the last game).  He played good, but he's had better games.
Then it became a very good night because Kyle's coach announced the MVP and the Sportsmanship Award for the season.  One of the best and tallest kids on the team was named the MVP, and Kyle was named the Sportsmanship award winner. 
This is actually a huge deal.  Kyle didn't get to play on one of our school's teams, he was on a team where he knew none of the kids or coaches.  I love that he showed up on that team and showed them how awesome it is just to be Kyle.  The coach told Kyle that he'll get to go to an awards banquet to get honored by the sports association in a few weeks.
Kyle with his coaches
But really, no matter what happened last night, all was right with the world because our neighbors, Dave and Mary, came to see them play.


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